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Last Announcement from Shard

If you recieved and email about the Shard Alpha Phase 1, and didnt get to see its content, my apologies.

It contained the updates.txt for the new source base thats being developed. After careful consideration, I decided it may be in SHARD's best interest to postpone making this public for a few more weeks or months possibly, or at least until our planned selective testing and review is complete. Also, alot of SHARD's development has been only available through private means for the last year or so. This is now changing. Regular news will be posted here, and at the new main site that is being currently worked on.

As always feel free to join in on the debates and development of this very special emulator. Ive closely watched and read the forums of every UO emu for a very long time, and have tried to take everything into consideration as I design the way this emulator will work.

All I can say is, Im sure the world is in for a very pleasant suprise...

Welcome to Shard!

Welcome to Shard.. a free Ultima Online server emulator. Our primary goal is to meet the needs and requests of our user's, so feel free to join us in forging an emu made just for you!

We are just getting things back in order, so expect alot of the info you may seek in the coming weeks, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


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